How On-Demand with Works

Our platform provides a seamless, accelerated process that allows you to fully capture your audience’s attention — without getting bogged down in typical supply chain bottlenecks.




Submit Your Designs

Get inspired by perusing your digital library of materials and trim. Then start the process by uploading your tech pack or having our team create one for you based on a concept that inspires you.


Receive Samples

Our first-of-its-kind prototype workshop rapidly develops your pattern, creates a physical sample and expresses it to you for approval.



Start Selling Online

Upload your product details and assets to your own platform or site and start selling the new product.



We Produce On-Demand

As you register sales, we’ll produce how many units you need. Thanks to our unique model, you never get stuck with overstock inventory.



Shipping Handled By Us

We package and ship your products to either the customer or your own fulfillment center. Our fulfillment is tailored to your brand so that your customers’ experience is consistently excellent.

A new supply chain for a new consumer. When will you make the upgrade?

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