Harness the Power
of an On-Demand
Supply Chain

Always have the inventory you want, when you want it — with none of the risks of traditional overhead.


Easy Tracking

Get detail status for all your orders. Every order includes an activity feed and milestone timeline to show what’s been done and what needs to happen next.


Easy Collaboration

Collaborate asynchronously with everyone on your value chain. Say goodbye to the endless emails, text messages, and spreadsheets that come with traditional factory management.


Easy Sampling & Production

Review and approve samples easily. Annotate on the sample to provide precise feedback and cut down the back and forth.


Upcoming Features

• Material and product library
• Custom styles with made to measure sizing
• Integration with your POS and eCommerce solutions
• Drop ship to end customer
• Test and Scale
• Mass Customization

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Always Get

Our quick product development capability gives your team the ability to analyze customer trends and data, then rapidly iterate on your next product life cycle. Your customers will tell you exactly how to stay relevant.

Solves Dozens of Bottlenecks with

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